Irent began its operations within the structure of İttifak Holding in 1997 and it is one of the largest Hyundai dealers. Irent has the ISO 9001 quality certificate and it serves in a total area of 10500 square meters where it has 40 vehicles capacity and has 3000 square meters service area, 600 square meters showroom and 6900 square meters car parking area. The after-sale service of Irent is composed of three departments of mechanical maintenance, hood and paint house services.

Irent, which is one of the dealers making the biggest volume of vehicle sales in Inner Anatolia Region and also most major one in Turkey, has ‘Hyundai Elite Dealer’ certificate, which is issued to the best, most talented and most successful dealers by Hyundai World Center, and ISO 9001 quality certificate

Address: Ankara Cad. No:38 Jandarma Bölge Komutanlığı Karşısı Karatay / Konya, Turkey
P: +90 332 237 67 00
F: +90 332 235 67 00