Firstly, an architectural draft is prepared according to the information given by the customer during the design phase. Then a static project is prepared by making various static examinations. After the prepared static project is evaluated, the application project is prepared. The design diagram prepared in the computer environment is modeled and a document is prepared in which all necessary information is included to the turnkey. The document includes the necessary materials, the equipment to be used, the work list, the quality details of the materials and technical specifications.


The projects are implemented at our technological production track and the parts assembled by the specialist welders are cut off on CNC machines. The completed parts are transmitted to the construction site after being passed through a set of quality tests. During the manufacturing stage, we use first class workmanship and prefabricated construction concept.


The parts prepared while considering the rapid progress of construction works are delivered to the assembly department in the construction site. The most important issue in assembly is that all the construction is done by bolted connection. Our assembly team, which deals specifically with all organs from the foundation to the roof of the project, works safely with the experience and expertise; and delivers the project without any problems.


We consider quality assurance as the most important factor in the projects that we accomplish. The factors that may cause any problems about trust by means of reducing the costs are not compatible with our company principles. All projects that have been accomplished are under the assurance of our company. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we do not just mediate projects in the process of transforming them from dream to reality, we become your most reliable business partner in the turnkey delivery.